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Sex and Relationships Astrology for Mar 7, 2004

Sex plays a big part towards the end of the week – make sure you read daily astrology too. What is happening is that Mars and Venus are now both in the sign of Taurus… Mars for about 20 more days and

Venus for a month. Taurus is the sign that rules our bodies, the physical and material levels of life, pleasures like sex and food and it is ruled by Venus, so we are really doubling up for our annual cycle of a month to immerse ourselves in the pleasures of the flesh and other things.

Venus though is more… it is also love and value, beauty, art and appreciation, so it also challenges us to take our pleasures to higher and higher levels of value and love! It invites us to get clear and be discriminating so we only have the pleasures we really LOVE, the ones that give us HUGE value in some way, whatever that is. Our society tends to chase, and settle for, any and all pleasures and so becomes dull and stupid about them, missing exquisite possibilities. for example I knew a Chinese man in Bali who had access to any and all kinds of massage almost free, and having explored them in depth came to a place where his greatest sensual pleasure came from a “massage” of his whole body with the tip of a feather, like the wind on his skin. Find your pleasures in all things.

© 2004 Tomas Gregory