Sex and Relationships Astrology for June 29, 2003 |

Sex and Relationships Astrology for June 29, 2003

Sex and Relationships Astrology for June 29, 2003

There is huge dynamic energy for change happening for us all in various areas of life, but the thing that is common for us all is that our own relationship with ourselves and our life is profoundly changing.

By mid-week, as well, we begin a period of VERY high sexual energy that once again powerfully challenges us to think about sex, love, beauty, harmony and relationships, as well as our needs, wants and desires in our relationships, and as well will be shifting us

in our sexuality towards much more open, liberal, adventurous and experimental sexuality expressions.

All of this is good, grand and wonderful because it opens us to more choices and freedom, it opens us to more pleasure and passion, and it also generally loosens us up in the rest of our lives as well.

Be aware that in all of that you will be very fully challenged to identify and release old limiting “moralities” that were shoved down your neck and into your head and that had the sum effect of blocking or

at least limiting your full expression and enjoyment of your sexuality.

Now, free yourself. Oh, and have fun too!! 🙂

c 2003 Tomas Gregory


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