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Sex and Relationships Astrology for June 22, 2003

This is a great week to be talking about sex, and thinking about sex, and even writing your feelings, ideas, thoughts, fantasies and desires for sex.

With that, do the same for love, like, friendship, companionship and loneliness, or at least being alone.

This week brings up deep and powerful OLD hurts and heartaches, and it may be that in order to connect with those surfacing feelings you have had to create a trigger event so the feelings can break through. Stay aware that the trigger event, say a relationship

breakup, or a friend dying, is triggering OLD feelings that were buried way back when and now need – and are fully ready – to be felt and released. So feel whatever is HERE but also realize that the feelings

you are having are ALSO coming from the past.

Then be aware, pay attention, to the fact that you have such powerful and often painful feelings and they DID NOT destroy you and it is also true that they CANNOT destroy you. So it IS safe to feel them and

release them now, thus removing a wound from your heart so it can heal and then have new, more healthy loving feelings… safely.

All of this is incredibly healing and is in fact a growth leap for you. Have your feelings or they will have you!

As well see if you can put all that is going on in a spiritual context, of your choices having great value and your history having set you up to live the life you needed to live for your unique spiritual direction

and unfolding.

c 2003 Tomas Gregory