Sex and Relationships Astrology for July 27, 2003 |

Sex and Relationships Astrology for July 27, 2003

Sex and Relationships Astrology for July 27, 2003

For weeks to come Venus will be snuggling up with the Sun, getting us all in the space of connecting more with our own love, value and self value.

With that there is ongoing change and even some disruption, and in particular we are being nudged in directions that give us more freedom and connect us with deeper and more unconventional value and values than what we have consciously held.

That can definitely be disruptive in relationships, especially if one partner is open to change and experimentation and the other is resisting that. Both need to move forward or separation can occur as one moves and one stays. The irony is that one way or another change WILL happen, so if one partner is resisting change they will likely get it by having the other partner move away!

In all of this there is also great mental expansion that specifically is opening new thoughts and ideas that allow you to be more out there in the world, more effusive, more “on stage” in your life, more

self-oriented. There is also great energy to be building new structures with all this change, so generally it should not be too much of a shock!

c 2003 Tomas Gregory