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Sex and Relationships Astrology for Jan 4, 2004

You are very fully confronting your inner male energy and old residual issues with father and authority and “the rules”. At the same time you are confronting these issues, seeing them and feeling them is

dissolving them. That can feel very liberating and can also feel quite insecure as those walls and barriers at least gave you definition of who you were… well who you are is needing more space to express more of you … its like when you were a kid you outgrew your shoes… the “barrier” of your shoes which helped and supported you is suddenly limiting you, and you need bigger shoes. Same now. You need bigger “shoes” / structures in your life.

This new structure must take the shape of your highest ideals and dreams so you can be supported in growing into your highest ideals of who you are, or can be, then you will become that. Cool.