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Sex and Relationships Astrology for Jan 18, 2004

Sex and relationships this week are happening in the context of (a) getting very real, honest and clear about how and where things stand and what the deal is, and (b) what is the spiritual purpose and value of what is going on and how to grow and deepen that.

As a general life trend you will be seeking new and unconventional, even “kinky” or funky paths and tastes as you are bored out of your mind with the choices that are currently available and are ready to kill to get some variety and excitement happening in your life.

This is of course also true for your sex life and relationships, which are all stale as week old bread and need a BIG lift, if not a big kick in the butt to get them moving again. Your mind will be running at

laser speeds with new ideas and possibilities and how to actually make them happen.

Do yourself a big favor. Make them happen!!