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Sex and Relationships Astrology for Jan 11, 2004

Over the next two weeks you will be opening to all sorts of new ideas and alternate value systems, exploring what ELSE there is that works better for you, and fits who you are more fully. With this you

will therefore be finding and taking new paths as you experiment with new answers and solutions, new choices and possibilities.

This will apply through all areas of your life, though it will be more emphasized in one area (see weekly horoscopes for more on this) AND it goes hand in hand with a mental revolution where you are creating a whole new, more inclusive basis for thinking and

viewing the world, and for processing the information that comes to you.

This is rather big stuff in terms of new directions, AND will apply also for your Sex and Relationships attitudes, needs, wants and desires. Bottom line the change that is happening is getting you out of old

boring ruts, grooves and predictable life behavior that ends up putting on automatic pilot, and puts you to sleep.

So this is very much a wake up call! AND a BIG part of that call is that we are all starting an eight year process of spiritual and psychic openings, where we will be much more spiritually focused in our life.

© 2004 Tomas Gregory


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