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Sex and Relationships Astrology for Feb 8, 2004

This is quite a chaotic week, especially on emotional levels, where you will start in the pits, jump into the heights, and then bounce around in the middle.

Added to that there is a kite for much of the week and this allows or indicates magic in the air.

There is also a process of Social Spring Cleaning happening through the week where you need to stand back and reassess the people you have – and allow – in your life, and if they do not make you feel good, do not bring value and respect to you, then they must go.

As they say in Zen Buddhism: “Before you fill the cup, you must empty it.”

And sure enough, once you rid yourself of those people, then the space is empty to be filled by new, more appreciative and valuing people to uplift you.

Your mind will be seeking lovely connection with others, and yet there is room for friction, even anger, to be aware of.

A strange week!

© 2004 Tomas Gregory


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