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Sex and Relationships Astrology for December 28, 2003

Sex and Relationships will be a strange and complex and even paradoxical arena of life this week.

First, sexual energy is very high, but also very idealistic so it can end up staying in the realm of fantasy and not actually get grounded to happen, though it can also happen by playing out sexual


Next there is much energy for what I call “social Spring Cleaning” where people who are not up to your level of love and value have to go, to leave, to be gone! Either you get rid of them or they drop away,

and this is also very driven by you getting in touch more with your ideals and fantasies about what sort and quality of people you want in your life, and in your bed.

As well at least some of the sexual energy flowing is anger based… i.e. you are feeling angry about issues – including that you let you be brought down or undermined by “friends”, and this anger is channeling into your sexual energy, where it has no place and can

cause problems.

So, take it easy, pay attention and be as clear as you can about where you are coming from and what is motivating you!


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