Sex and Relationships Astrology for December 21, 2003

What a lovely Christmas / New Year gift we get with two weeks of highly charged sexual energy that demands exploration into more unconventional areas of sex.

Of course that means different things for everyone, but a few markers are…. fantasies you have thought of but have not done, things others have talked about and you always wondered if you would enjoy it. Start


Always when you try new things sexually, take it easy, take it slow and play it safe. Make sure everyone involved is clear what will and will not happen and that you have a “safe” word, which means that is things go too far, hurt, scare you or whatever you can yell the Safe Word and EVERYTHING stops immediately.

The Safe Word I always offer when I run Sex and Relationship seminars is “biscuit” (in America, “Cookie”). Why, because I cannot imagine any sexual situation where you would normally want to yell

BISCUIT / COOKIE unless you had a biscuit (cookie) fetish!!

STOP is a lousy Safe Word, by the way!!

Enjoy Christmas!