Sex and Relationships Astrology for August 31, 2003

There continues to be much love and heart connection and opening, and this is happening with a certain amount of criticism and evaluation in order to attain more perfection and discrimination.

As well you will be experiencing changes, disruptions and maybe even shocks and surprises as your life gets upturned in whatever areas that you need more freedom and aliveness.

In all of this sexual energy remains high and dynamic, electric and it is operating in ways that offer true opening and breakthrough into whole new realms of energy and life where sex and spirit come together… all wonderful and likely to be a wild ride and maybe

also a rough ride.

Whatever your version is of all of this remember that it WILL take you to a better, high and freer place – you just have to take the ride and not resist it. Enjoy it! It is life’s version of a fun park!! lolol