Setting it straight |

Setting it straight

Dear Editor:

Unfortunately, Stefan Edlis’ letter to the editor published in the June 2 edition of The Aspen Times (“The rest of the story”) contains many misstatements of the facts.

First, I did not call the meeting as chairman of the board of the Aspen Music Festival and School. The meeting was called by more than 10 percent of the Corporation (some 36 members out of a total membership of 148) as provided by the MAA bylaws.

Second, the meeting was not open to the public but only to members of the Corporation, which includes board members, faculty and at-large members of the community. As a member of the board, Mr. Edlis was present at the meeting.

Third, Mr. Edlis made the statement that “no negative comments were heard.” All members of the Corporation were given an opportunity to express themselves. Many comments were offered, both negative and positive, about the president and CEO of the MAA.

Fourth, Mr. Edlis indicated the vote passed by a relatively small margin, but, in fact, the vote of no confidence in Alan Fletcher passed with a very secure margin of 76-58.

Fifth, on the vote of no confidence, Mr. Edlis considered 134 actual votes out of a total membership of 148 a low number. I disagree; this was a strong representation of the Corporation!

The voting structure of the Corporation is not unlike that of any other corporation which allows for proxy votes. Voting members were requested to send in new proxies for this meeting, or allow for their standing proxies to be used. Thus, all voting members were informed, and proxies were certified and counted by the secretary of the Corporation, Fonda Paterson. The call for the special meeting included the subject of the meeting as well as the wording of the motion of no confidence in the leadership of Alan Fletcher.

I am sorry Mr. Edlis, a member of the MAA board, has chosen to make public the deliberations of the Corporation, which were of a confidential nature. I regret having to write this letter but I feel I must correct his misstatements.

Robert LeBuhn

chairman of the board, Aspen Music Festival and School

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