Setting history straight |

Setting history straight

Dear Editor:

I’d like to call attention to another sure sign of summer’s arrival – the “Schnickelfritz” Freddie Fisher birthday party at the Holden/Marolt museum last Tuesday, kicking off the season and commemorating the opening of the Aspen Historical Society’s museums to tours.

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Freddie the Fixer’s birth, and especially to Steve Cole and Dan Sadowsky, who provided the entertainment. Kudos also to the Hickory House for their fine pulled-pork sandwiches.

I’m going to take a quick moment while I have your attention to clear up some misunderstandings. The Aspen Historical Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and communicating the valley’s rich history. The Historical Preservation Committee is part of the city government. The Aspen Hysterical Society is my fantasy baseball team. As far as I know, there are no official ties between any of the above.

Mike Monroney


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