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Set an example

Two weeks ago the Sunday Denver Post published an editorial lambasting the very thought of restricting individual freedoms for the sake of skier safety.

In a complete turnaround – Sunday, March 17 – they’ve reversed themselves and are endorsing the idea that helmets should be mandatory at ski schools for kids and adults alike.

Just as the tobacco industry fended off smokers’ lawsuits for many years, the ski industry may win the legal arguments in this debate for some time to come. But they’re going to lose in the place where it counts the most – the court of public opinion.

We all should be asking the Aspen Skiing Co.’s management why it isn’t taking a leadership position on this issue and putting our community at the forefront of safety.

Skico should, at minimum, require helmets for all its on-mountain employees and for everyone participating in ski school. As the Denver Post believes, “Children learn by watching grown-ups set an example.” Skico should be the first to set that example for its own industry.

Bob Guion

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