Service without a smile |

Service without a smile

Dear Editor:

We recently gave my husband a very special 50th birthday celebration at the Pine Creek Cookhouse. Below is the scorecard:

• Winter wonderland experience – unbeatable!

• Temperature – delightful!

• Weather – beautiful!

• Transportation logistics – thanks for making it happen!

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• Restaurant decor and atmosphere – like no other

• Soup – fantastic!

• Salad – incredible!

• Lasagna – mediocre

• Chicken – OK

• Trout – edible

• Brownie – standard

• Cobbler – metza metza

• Service – great

• Price – OK

• Customer relations in planning special event – piss poor

• Company – unbeatable

We had a very memorable evening with phenomenal friends and a great support staff.

Martin Suthren, you’re a god! Colleen a saint! KC, thanks for saying a special “hello.” To John and Juliet Wilcox, I only wish you appreciated our business; in fact, I wish that you were grateful for our business (like so many other venues would have been).

I have never been so insulted by locals. We chose your venue because it was special. We also wanted to do business with other locals, not with the Scott DeGraff’s of the world. So we chose your spot. I highly suggest that you take some guest service classes from the Aspen Skiing Co., as they know how to treat both their employees and their guests.

I will never bring my guests or loved ones to your venue. You don’t deserve the business. Now I hope you don’t burn down my house because I have expressed myself.

Cindy Madsen Buck


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