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Dear Editor:

I just wanted to clarify what really happen last Friday afternoon in Basalt when an elderly man ran over two little girls and wrecked three other vehicles.

He was stopped at the four-way stop sign on Midland Avenue and Two Rivers Road, decided to flip a U-turn thinking the sidewalk was a road and proceeded to almost severely hurt two little girls and crash into the other vehicles, two of which are undrivable, leaving two single mothers without transportation, me being one of them.

Swerving to miss the girls, he slammed into the front of my car, which was parked vertically at an angle, and shoved it into the Durango next to me. How a little Subaru can move two SUVs at least 4 feet sideways is beyond me, unless you’re traveling at a very high rate of speed. This elderly man wasn’t even questioned by Basalt police, no tickets were issued, no road-side test was done, and the worst part is he just gets to drive away like nothing happened at all. He even asked me if I was done asking him questions because he had somewhere to be!

I repeatedly asked the police department for his information, which they refused to give me; all I got was a business card with an incident report number on it and was told I could get a copy of the report in five days when they get around to doing the paperwork. Meanwhile none of the insurance agencies will give me rental car until the police report is done, and his insurance agency doesn’t even have the car he was driving on record. This elderly man should have his license revoked; when he drove away he couldn’t even see over the steering wheel and the police just let him drive away!

He was not trying to park; all the spaces were taken so whoever gave the newspaper information was very mistaken.

Terri Anzini


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