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September 2003

The wild energy in the last two weeks of August trickles into September, and from the first week begins a couple of very intense weeks where we are all taken on a journey where we are challenged to go to the core of our inner “hell” and feel, and release, the pains we have carried. This is full-on stuff for people who avoid intense feeling states. The best thing to do is as much crying and yelling (into a pillow – not at other people) that you can. You will probably be creating some old painful patterns in relationships and can prepare for this with close friends and lovers by getting everyone clear what is happening, reminding each other that you are friends on side with each other, and determined to stay that way as you go through what ideally can be an emotional poison purging.

Be clear it could get really ugly if you (or others) get lost in the drama of the painful emotions and start dumping them on each other.

THIS STUFF IS FROM THE PAST! It is trying to get out now. it is not about the people around you, most likely, unless they are acting in abusive ways that parallel your past traumatic experiences.

The upside of all this is that you can get under the old stuff and release it, allowing even more openness, love and beauty into your heart. This process will be mostly done by the 14th.

Remember that ALL of this is part of the ongoing process of opening, growth and breakthrough that we are all experiencing. It offers the possibility to come through into a much bigger and clearer space in

ourselves and our lives where we are much more energized, alive and free.

The 21st begins a 2 week period of what I call “Social Spring Cleaning”… as a direct result of all that has been over the past many weeks of upheaval, opening and heart healing you will find that you are moving to a higher level of life and love and all of those who

cannot (or will not) make that shift will leave your life. Some will go themselves and some you may have to remove. It can feel lonely for a while, but the upshot is that others will now come to fill the void, and

they will be much more appreciative and supportive of you, seeing your value and honoring it.

There is a LOT going on in this week, on many levels. Your mind continues to go very deep and is also opening more to psychic and spiritual dimensions, as well as fantasy and may have some cloudiness and confusion along the way.

With Venus in Libra there is increased desire for, and appreciation of, love, beauty and friendship as well as social justice. Also more enjoyment for home and family. You will be more open to love and romance. It a shake-up time till the end of the month, with a LOT

of new energies opening up, so take it as easy as you can!


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