Sept. 11, Lance, Barack … and flies? |

Sept. 11, Lance, Barack … and flies?

Dear Editor:

For me personally, I like to remember 9/11 in a quite environment. Usually I bike in the Hunter Creek Valley, same place Lance was last night. Why wouldn’t he ” it remains one of the most stunning valley’s anywhere on our planet when the fall colors arrive.

What a worthy cause, for the greatest Tour de France winner, of all time, to unretire to help raise awareness of a disease which will kill 8 million people worldwide this year. Watching Lance finish the race last night, I was privileged to be watching a true hero.

Never did the man fail a drug test ONCE, as the most tested athlete in the world for seven years. Unlike Floyd Landis, Tyler, Barry Bonds, Marion Jones, Lyle Alzado, Roger Clemons, Marc McGuire, Jan Ulrich, Bill Romanowski, Michael Irvine, his legacy will be remembered, as a man who didn’t cheat to kick everyone’s ass!

I think we need American heroes now more than ever. People, you need to pray Barack is elected in November.

“Cometh the Hour, Come the Man.” Let’s hope so.

Oh, by the way, from someone who has ridden a motorcycle around town for 23 years, the new scooter riders we are seeing this summer, should really wear eye protection, a fly in the eye at 25 miles an hour really hurts.

Martin T. Suthren


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