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Dear Editor:

My forever “evolving sensibilities”… I like this term. Yes, things do change whether you like it or not or are even willing to go with the flow; just look in the mirror, even plastic surgery can’t stop evolution but we keep trying to stop evolution, confusing it with “time.”

Stories that are retold over and over in old books of doom and glooming days that have been predicted ever since; the books written about time passed based on myths reliving the past as a reminder this could happen again and again seems good for selling books. Predictions are a toss of the coin but people continue to gamble on any possibility; if they are right I say, O.K. you won’t be here tomorrow to tell me you were right.

Show me solutions that empower individuals to think for themselves. It has been proven when people are “educated” – let me put that in quotations as this word is certainly open for interpretation – but sensibility as a result of knowledge creates less crime.

Perpetuating the deterioration of a infrastructure of a system built on fantasy is like a house of cards: the slightest wind and it all comes tumbling down. Living in open space awareness that expands the infinite possibilities seems less oppressive than emotional tyranny as a result of exploitation of slavery becoming a bowl of jelly to weak to even get out of bed. This is only a comfortable situation if you have a roof over your head with no mortgage and gold in the safe with plenty of servants to wait on you while resting from the overstressed lifestyle of greed and plenty.

It takes all the sensibility one can mustard standing at the bridge of your own vessel raising sails trusting letting the wind guide you where it blows navigated by the stars in the sky. These are the empowering adventures that have left enduring impressions in the stardust of evolution that can only be interpreted in one’s own way through intuition; this spirit has no name and cannot be captured in ink the page in a book of lost time.

The life force that sparks all into action is constant, therefore impossible to capture in periods that punctuate self-proclaimed authoritarians claim to be right. The “future” only ask us to free the mind because none but yourself can do that.

The system of putting value exchange in money has no respect for the right to life their investment in war after war in the destruction of what is most valuable life. Rather than inventing life-saving support systems has been going on since inception of material wealth creating uselessness out of nothingness sacrificing the virgin seed to appease the Gods for selfish interest has never been proven to be righteous.

History is full of egotistical dictating behavior that never has been satisfied with wordily possessions good example King Tut left all his wordily possessions here to be guarded from greedy want-to-be’s.

This industrious age has gotten old and rusty no longer is serving the needs of humanity it is time to stop living in a fairy-tale story and give life, liberty and the pursuit of happy days a run for its money. Can you give me a Ha…Ho… all my relations.

Hinton Harrison


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