Seniors want your vote |

Seniors want your vote

We residents in the Castle Creek Terrace facility for senior citizens, who are no longer able to live independently, deeply appreciate the kind, professional care we enjoy here. The Aspen Valley Hospital gives us exemplary attention, comfortable, attractive rooms, and delicious meals.

Lunches at the Senior Center provide easy opportunity for seniors to interact with the community. The center also provides interesting physical activities such as yoga, chair stretch exercises, aerobics and walking groups ? activities specifically planned for seniors, who may otherwise have no opportunity to take part in group events.

Then there are activities such as performances by the Music School students, local musicians and John Denver celebrants, art classes and various support groups.

Beyond that, the Senior Center makes available invaluable information about health, long-term care, emergency situations, insurance and income tax guidance. Free van service makes shopping, attendance at community affairs and doctor’s appointments simple for those who cannot drive.

You name it ? the Senior Services provide it.

In spite of our best efforts, we all inevitably grow older. It is to be hoped that our citizens will vote yes on Tuesday, Nov. 5, on Question 1A, the Health and Human Services Mill Levy.

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It will provide dedicated and steady funding for a five-year period to the program for seniors, making it possible to enrich an in-depth quality of life in our state, with expression from the matured element in the population.

So let’s face it! To add meaning to all our lives, let’s vote yes on Question 1A. If this passes, the dedicated fund cannot be used for anything but human services, senior services and nonprofits, no matter how grave the crisis. It will be perfectly safe, and we all need it or will need it.

Yours for Question 1A.

Signed by 13 residents of Castle Creek Terrace

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