Sending off the stapler |

Sending off the stapler

Dear Editor:In regards to the Thompson cannon ceremony being a private event, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, it seems like it should be a small and private event, especially when looking at Thompson talking about it in the BBC documentary (albeit a few decades ago). On the other hand, I am one of many who yearn to be part of the event, even if just to pay witness.As it turns out, I had already secured my plane tickets to Colorado a while ago, when the event was still going to be public. When that changed, there was nothing I could do, and so I am heading out to the state regardless. Granted, I have no desire to crash anything, considering the incredibly high regard that I hold Thompson (and his family) in. But I can’t cancel the tickets, and so I’ll simply be taking a vacation, I guess.While that is still something to look forward to, I must admit that I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to join in some collective farewell spirit for one of the greatest authors to have graced this planet. Sure, it might have been slightly disruptive to the Woody Creek area for a short time – but it would have been worth every moment of it. He was a staple of the community – hell, it often seems like he was the stapler.On that note, it seems fitting that the town be the Mecca for Thompson fans across the world to meet and pay our respects as we watch his glorious ashes blast into the sky.Hopefully, the Tavern will at least be open to the public during the event, so that we can drink in a salute to our hero around the time of the blast. If not … well, I guess there’s the parking lot.Jake McGeeCuyahoga Falls, Ohio