Send in the … clowns |

Send in the … clowns

Dear Editor:

I was surprised to read Andrew Kole’s blistering attack on his friend, Roger Marolt, for hating clowns. Wasn’t Mr. Marolt an ardent supporter in several of his recent mayoral bids?

At any rate, this ugly incident provides an opportunity to educate the public. What many don’t realize is that behind the makeup, the bulbous red noses and the striped trousers is a person: a living, breathing, feeling human being. Clowns are just like you and me except they juggle lemons, and stuff like that, for a living. They are not freaks!

In this day there is no reason to be afraid of clowns, much less hate them. I am afraid that people’s fear of clowns has grown from the popularity of “Chucky” in the moronic horror movies he has starred in. People must consider the following to get over their irrational fears created by Hollywood’s depiction of our lovable friends with the big feet:

1. “Chucky” is not real, and;

2. “Chucky” is not a clown. He is a puppet! (Although I will grant you that he is a puppet dressed up like a clown.)

Think about these things the next time you have the urge to make a thoughtless clown joke.

That said, the city’s plan to pay some clowns to perform on the mall this summer reeks of discrimination. It attempts to turn clowns into a commodity, to be bought and sold. Aside from a certified ring master, who is to say which clowns should be hired and which one’s shouldn’t? Don’t they all deserve a chance to make us laugh?

It is time to crush the tyranny that pays some clowns handsomely with the government dime for a steady gig here and forces others to work in places like Boulder for whatever they can get from random passersby. Aspen has a chance to make a statement about human rights. Burn the mall rule book that has in recent years turned good-natured clowns into outlaws. Open the mall to all clowns!

Come together on this, people. Free the jesters!

Lee Anne Marlets (aka Roger Marolt)


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