Send Bush to Mars |

Send Bush to Mars

I was dismayed by the recent announcement that President Bush is petitioning Congress for several billion dollars to fund a potential exploration of Mars. Mr. Bush’s irresponsible spending habits have already driven our nation into a record deficit, without this new election year ploy. (Who is his PR adviser, Scott McInnis?)

I am very much in favor of NASA, but I believe there are far more pressing economic issues that should be addressed fiscally prior to bolstering space exploration, such as children and family services, health care and the bankrupt status of many states, including our own.

My suggestion, regarding a mission to the red planet, would be construction of a bare-bones interplanetary vehicle and transport Mr. Bush one way, where he could be the first American to plant his cowboy boot in Mars’ dusty soil. Now that would be some kind of publicity stunt!

David Crutchfield



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