Senators meddling way too much |

Senators meddling way too much

Dear Editor:

Let me get this straight: Our senators are actually telling the BLM to not make a decision on allowing SG Interests to create a prudent plan for oil and gas development so that there can be “robust and meaningful discussions”?

Really? Why are Sens. Bennet and Udall trying to insert themselves in the BLM’s operational procedures, which in turn is delaying a routine decision by the BLM, putting SG at risk for not being able to develop the resources and setting a dangerous, uncertain, politicized precedent whereby any elected official could stop development of our oil and gas resources just because they don’t like it. Bennet and Udall, this project is in our best interest.

And when I say our best interest I mean the public, you know, the people you are supposed to be representing. Step out of your political posturing mode for just one minute and do what’s in the best interest of the public: Allow the leases to move forward.

Paula Scanlon

Grand Junction

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