Selling out for immigration |

Selling out for immigration

Dear Editor: Chris Romer and President Obama are both outrageous political panderers. Both make promises they can’t keep to buy the Hispanic vote by selling out the American worker. While legal Colorado workers suffer over 10 percent unemployment Obama would, for a few thousand dollars per head, sell precious citizenship to over 12 million foreign nationals who all hold U.S. jobs or suck on the American welfare teat, or both.

Would-be mayor Romer is even more reckless. He would “opt-out” Denver from the secure communities program because it might deport illegal aliens who haven’t committed a “serious enough” crime.

These two left-wing nuts should pay attention to last year’s Denver Post/News 9 poll that said over 50 percent of Hispanic voters favored Arizona’s new immigration laws. All American workers are fed up with being treated like second-class citizens behind people who aren’t even supposed to be here by these self-serving sycophants.

Bruno Kirchenwitz