Selling off a critical resource |

Selling off a critical resource

The article in Tuesday’s Aspen Times about bottling and selling Aspen water omits the fact that this is a horribly bad idea. Just because this issue of your publication didn’t have an article on water shortages in the valley and throughout the state doesn’t mean that those shortages have abated enough to begin selling our water.

Regardless of what source is used for the water, it will deplete a dangerously low supply. The creeks and rivers are at low levels following years of sub-average precipitation.

Taking the water from wells will draw down the water table, forcing some wells to go dry, and others to dig deeper for their water.

Couldn’t we merely have out-of-state water pass through town and be blessed by local celebrities? Or just license the Aspen name to another municipality’s water system?

Surely these ideas are no less inane than taking a valuable commodity at a time when conservation should be our highest priority.

Craig Silberman


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