Selfies show phone finder

Jason Auslander
The Aspen Times

The old saying about “finders, keepers” is apparently just as relevant as it’s ever been, though one selfie-taking keeper also may end up a weeper.

Aspen police Officer Andy Atkinson said he received a call on March 25 from a Carbondale man who wanted to report losing his Galaxy S5 smartphone while running for the bus in Aspen the day before. Atkinson dutifully logged the report.

Four days later, however, the Carbondale man called Atkinson back to report that he had pictures of the man who found the phone or at least who now had the phone. It seems the Carbondale man had programmed the phone to automatically upload any pictures taken with the phone to his Gmail account, Atkinson said.

“He all of a sudden starts getting pictures of this guy,” he said.

Atkinson said he tried to track the phone through using its GPS capability, but was unsuccessful.

“All we have are the pictures,” he said.

The Carbondale man has received five selfie shots of the man who has his phone, two of which show him with his shirt off. The man who owns the phone does not want to press charges against the man who has the phone, he just wants it back, Atkinson said.

Anyone with information about the man in the picture can call 970-920-5310 and ask for Atkinson.