Seize this opportunity |

Seize this opportunity

Peace is not only patriotic. Peace is popular.

The Chicago City Council passed a resolution by a 46-1 vote to send a resolution to President George W. Bush expressing their opposition to a preemptive strike against Iraq. The Boulder City Council just passed a similar resolution.

And Sunday night, the Buffalo Valley Restaurant was packed with peace jammers dancing to the music of peace rockers Frank Martin and Boneyard, Chris Banks, Matt Johnson, and the Dags. Because of their passionate belief that Bush is about to make the United States the most murderous nation in the world, the musicians donated all proceeds, raising $2,400 for the Roaring Fork Peace Coalition.

The military has always been an arm of negotiation and diplomacy. War, or the threat of war, is used against other nations to further political ends. Bush quickly realized that the normal rules did not apply to the war against terrorism.

There was no nation with which to negotiate a surrender or to defeat by use of arms. And the enemy was immune to the threat of war since they had no fear of death. In fact, terrorists were more than willing to commit suicide.

Bush figured that Iraq is an easy target and that Saddam Hussein was someone who could be labeled as an evil-doer. Bush has astutely shifted focus away from the losing war against terroism.

In the coming weeks, Bush will be ending his warmongering speeches with “May God bless America.” After our weapons of mass destruction are unleashed and the first Iraqi citizens are vaporized, we all should be saying, “May God forgive America.”

I urge all who do not want to be an accomplice with Bush, Powell and Cheney in starting an illegal war to attend the anti-war demonstration in Aspen on Feb. 1, at 4 p.m. in Paepcke Park.

This demonstration is being sponsored by the Roaring Fork Peace Coalition and the Colorado Coalition Against War In Iraq. Expected to attend are anti-war protesters from all over the state, including peace groups from Durango, Telluride, Montrose, Grand Junction and Paonia. There will be a party and music following the demonstration.

This may be the last chance locally to express opposition to war. Seize it.

Calvin Lee

Roaring Fork Peace Coalition

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