Seize control of our government |

Seize control of our government

Dear Editor:

Hey, Paul Anderson: The odd thing about your column advising people to grow their own food and develop neighborhood alliances is that I have found myself advocating the same things but this is not going to be adequate at all.

I agree our federal government system is corrupt. They just increased the military budget by $17 billion so “our country” can continue to spread so-called democracy, while we don’t have it here. What is actually happening is that businesses that already own our Colorado state government are intending to use Americans’ money to spread capitalism where it is not wanted. Imagine when Americans wake up and realize we have paid to expand outsourcing.

Corporations in Colorado are assisted by our state government to pay interest on the unemployment benefits they are paying, which should not be difficult given the many refunds they have received from Pinnacol Assurance.

Meanwhile, claimants in the Colorado Workers Compensation system cannot get legal representation at all or even that “equal protection of the law,” because Pinnacol Assurance has an annual contract with the attorney general for $283,000 to influence the AG to abandon truly disabled people who really need the help. These people end up on your tab instead of that employer and insurance company who originally promised coverage.

If you have been reading the business section of The Denver Post to the last paragraphs of each story, you already know that corporations are “awash” in cash. The Fox News Channel, which is part of Rupert Murdoch’s empire of sleaze, has carried advice to investors to put their money into China. I would call that treason.

American citizens need to organize toward insisting on control of our own government.

I suggest we start by creating an initiative to eliminate all Pinnacol Assurance employees and directing their surpluses toward real care for the disabled people discriminated against in our state government. Without the promised care, these people end up costing the public, sometimes in prison.

Meanwhile, you look as young as when I last saw you in the 1980s. How do you do it?

Paula Rhoads


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