Seeking Vernon Coleman |

Seeking Vernon Coleman

Dear Editor:

I am trying to make contact with a specific Coleman family member, namely a Vernon Coleman. He is/was special in that he served in World War II in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, as an engineer in the Army or, as a civilian engineer perhaps with a construction company called either George A Fuller, New York or Merrit-Chapman and Scott Corp. I don’t know if Vernon came from Aspen, my now elderly relatives seem to think he did ” but time has dimmed their memories but regardless they would like to make contact with Vernon or his family, whether he came from Aspen or not.

The times that he would have spent in County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland would have been between 1940 and 1943. I am appealing to anyone who knows any Chapmans if they might ask if they did have a (now probably in his 80s) relative that served as an engineer either in the Army or as a civilian in that part of the world around that time to please contact the editor in the first instance.

Ben Robinson

Nelson, UK

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