Seeking trail access |

Seeking trail access

Dear Editor:

We are long-time residents of the Crystal Valley who have long been concerned about access to the trail that begins at the south end of South Bill Creek Road.

In 1989, we worked hard petitioning Pitkin County to keep that trail open, based on established use. The petition and letters of support from 1989 are attached to this email. We did not succeed at that time. We were not able to attend the late-night county meetings in Aspen, nor could we afford to hire lawyers to help us. Leslie Wexner now owns the former Dodd property and the former Sewell property next to it.

So now, 22 years later, we are writing to you to request that the BLM acquire a trail easement along the old railroad grade. While we do not support the land exchange Wexner has proposed, we do strongly support Open Space efforts to acquire a trail easement along this section of the old railroad grade.

So, please consider our request for access for nonmotorized use of this trail.

Thank you.

Diane Kenney and John McCormick


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