Seeking tough and strong women … for now |

Seeking tough and strong women … for now

Dear Editor:

As a fiction writer I know it’s much easier to create a male hero ” a strong guy (the male archetype) with a touch of tenderness, than it is to create a female heroine ” a caring woman (the female archetype) with a touch of steel.

In a man’s world, any woman who makes it to the top (Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, Hillary Clinton) will have to be perceived as tough and strong. The tender feminine qualities that we hope will some day come to the fore will have to wait until women have power in some proportion to their numbers in the population. Then those little girls who embody the feminine qualities can grow up to be the leaders who might finally bring about world peace.

Meanwhile, as a feminist, I strongly support Hillary Clinton for president.

Ann MacLeod



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