Seeking leads on stolen Jeep Cherokee |

Seeking leads on stolen Jeep Cherokee

Dear Editor:

On Saturday night, my car was stolen from the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority’s Park and Ride in El Jebel. It was locked, and there were no keys inside. I am still in total disbelief that this would happen in what I had thought was a safe community. The car is a white 2001 Jeep Cherokee. It had twin ski racks on the roof, a CU alumni-license plate frame and a rubber antenna ornament shaped like a cactus. The plates read VBZ 459. Of course, any of these things could have been removed by now.

I ask that anyone who happens to see this vehicle or knows any information about its theft please contact the Police Department. And I caution members of the community to make sure their cars are secure and not to leave valuables inside them. This quiet valley is not as free of crime as we would like to think.

Jonathan Petrie


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