Seeking input for AACP |

Seeking input for AACP

Dear Editor:The 2010 Aspen Area Community Plan (AACP) is not in hibernation! Every five to 10 years the AACP is updated, and the third AACP is being actively discussed and revised by the city of Aspen and Pitkin County planning commissions. The commissions meet jointly, at least twice a month and usually more often, and delve into the intricacies of each AACP chapter. As commissioners, we are committed to delivering a thorough draft in the coming months. We invite the community to follow our progress and continue to participate in the process. Just over a year ago a significant number of community members engaged in a public feedback process involving a community survey, instant voting “clicker” sessions, focus groups, a blog and meetings in a box to help guide the development of the revised AACP. Our community spoke, and we are listening and working to integrate the community vision into the updated plan. As the P&Zs, we want to assure the community at large that as we revise and make both small and substantive changes to the AACP chapters, we are always looking back to the initial AACPs along with the results of the public feedback process for guidance and direction. This past year marks a new era in city and county collaboration, with the P&Zs working and meeting regularly together. We have completed draft chapters on environmental quality, sustaining the Aspen Idea, managing growth and economic sustainability and most recently, community workforce housing. We are now moving into the topics of historic preservation and transportation. We believe the revised 2010 AACP will be a truly important document for sustaining the “Aspen Area” to which the community spoke passionately. To this end, our intention is that this plan has “teeth” and translates into real actions and productive changes. For example, to ensure accountability to the document, we have assigned different departments to follow up on action item and are requiring periodic reviews on the progress made toward community goals. Our overriding goal is to deliver a plan that not only reflects the community vision but results in implementation of that vision.To follow our progress, join us on CGTV, Channel 11, as P&Z members talk about each completed chapter. Our first “episode” focuses on one of the biggest topics in the AACP: Managing Growth & Economic Sustainability. For a more in-depth review, read our draft chapters as they are completed or come to one of our meetings; both drafts and schedules are available at Our next meetings, on historic preservation, are at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Sister Cities Meeting Room and at 4:30 p.m. March 9 in the Rio Grande Meeting Room. We are scheduled to complete a draft of the revised AACP by July. During the summer there will be another opportunity for the community to review our work and give us your thoughts on whether we have accurately represented your vision. We look forward to a second round of public feedback once the draft AACP is complete. Community input is a crucial part of this ongoing process. We hope you join in the discussions. Thank you for participating.City Planning & Zoning CommissionStan Gibbs, chair; Jim de Francia, LJ Erspamer, Bert Myrin, Brian Speck, Jasmine Tygre, Mike Wampler, Cliff WeissCounty Planning & Zoning CommissionJoe Krabacher, chair; Michael Augello, John Howard, Jack Johnson, Marcella Larsen, Mirte Mallory, Jay Murphy

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