Seeking a Speedo |

Seeking a Speedo

Three weeks ago Mayor Helen Klanderud was told by the pool and ice project manager, Steve Bossart, that there was still time to change the existing plans for the soon-to-be built swimming pools if the Aspen City Council wanted to.

I immediately asked Mayor Klanderud to schedule her first public discussion ever on the present and future planned pools, as the “three minutes” during public comment was not enough time to adequately discuss the issues.

The mayor said she “was not interested.” Following up on a question asked of me by KSPN’s Steve Skinner, “Why won’t the Mayor listen?”, I wrote a letter “Swimming down the home stretch … one change” to Mayor Klanderud, which was published in your paper, asking Mayor Klanderud why she will not hold a public meeting.

Mayor Klanderud called to say she “was not interested because she had heard it all before” (in three minutes?). Then the pool project manager, feeling a bit miffed, writes that I neglected to include his further comments to the council in my published letter about the process involved in the decision making for the pool concept, the review process, change orders costs and delays.

The project manager concludes: “If we could only tap Toni’s energy we could heat both pools.” Inspired by the Todd Coghi and Roger Marolt ski challenge over “girls beating boys in tight, tight one-piece ski suits,” I invited Mr. Bossart to put on his slick and sleek Speedo racing suit for the “10 questions/10 dives/10 swims” contest.

“Ten questions … 10 answers.” If Bossart answers correctly, I take the plunge. If Bossart gives the wrong answer, he takes the plunge.

The problem is … when I called Mr. Bossart to find out if he accepted my “10 questions/10 dives” contest, Mr. Bossart said he doesn’t have a slick and sleek Speedo racing suit to wear.

Anyone have an extra Speedo for Mr. Bossart to wear?

Toni Kronberg


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