Seeking 9-11 truth |

Seeking 9-11 truth

Dear Editor:

Like a vampire needs blood, the M.I.C.C. (military industrial congressional complex) needs war. And the folly of Afghanistan keeps on keeping on. Watch how fast (mis) Rep. Salazar votes to fund ($33 billion) the Killing Machine in AF/PAC, next week in that corporate-controlled entity – Congress

Also, the propagandists in corporate media will (predictably) be spewing their lies in support. It’s fairly obvious the litany of falsehoods trotted out, but the most disingenuous is the 9-11 “official story.”

So al Qaida, based in AF/PAC, attacked NYC and D.C. on that horrible day, and we “have to fight them over there, so we don’t have to fight ’em over here.” OK, fair enough, one question though – how did al Qaida get that nano thermite in the Twin Towers and WTC 7 in the – more than obvious – three controlled demolitions on that terrible day?

As Americans, we deserve 9-11 truth. As a start, investigate the collapse of WTC 7 – wherever that may lead.

Ben Newell


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