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Seek a model solution

Dear Editor: The upcoming election is drawing more interest in the future of the Entrance to Aspen. I hope that whoever is elected will lead this city and county to a solution to the problem. That is what the citizens of Aspen are asking for and deserve.Move ahead with the preferred alternative. The split-shot is a good option; a decision on either one should be made quickly. Keep the mass transit lanes. The result will be that the only difference to drivers will be that there are no buses in their lanes. For mass transit passengers, there will no longer be huge delays getting in and out of town. If the split-shot is chosen, then the mass transit lanes should be the new lanes into town, with car traffic continuing on the S-curves. This is necessary to preserve the mass transit lanes for rail traffic.There are many readers, mostly from downvalley, who would prefer fours lanes of auto traffic with the buses sharing those lanes. My question would be, where are they going to park? And how long before the four lanes are filled up and we are back where we are now, only in worse shape? Aspen residents do not want to fill their town up with cars and the resulting pollution, and they deserve to be listened to. Cramming more cars in less space is not the solution that Aspen needs.A multicounty group, along with RFTA and the ski company, needs to look at short- and long-term mass transit for the valley. This group needs to have as its goal a significant reduction in automobile traffic moving about the valley, and increasing the ease of travel for commuters to jobs, tourists to their recreational activities and locals about their daily lives. We need an elegant solution that can be a model for other communities that are also preferred destinations.Robert PewWoody Creek


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