Seeing the best in everyone |

Seeing the best in everyone

Dear Editor:

What causes all that anger?

At the end of the day what was the trigger? What was Blanning really mad about?

Could it be simple disrespect? We all work so hard to live here … or not. There is such a gap between the haves and have nots. Yet many of the have nots went to the “right schools,” hung out with the “right people” yet they were searching for something more.

Just as the “haves” are … searching for something more. Chances are, the guy behind the cash register at Boogie’s has his PhD. Chances are the ambassador is a Harvard graduate with a patent-pending technology and is in no need for the free ski pass, she is just … lonely, or bored.

What if we all took a “chill pill” and realized that we are surrounded by brilliance. The gal serving us our beer developed the MRI but is just “taking a year off.” The guy that has just sold us our ticket is the son of a major dude and is set for life with his trust fund but is trying to “give back.” Next time you are about to shun someone because they are the “help,” consider that they may just be Einstein taking a breather. The divine in me honors the divine in you.

Cindy Madsen Buck


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