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See what happens

Dear Editor:

The other day on Main Street I followed two cars racing out of town ” one was a rental car, the other an Audi with local plates. As they got to the first S-curve, both refused to yield, and both cars made it safely around with two lanes moving into town in the other direction. Then, much to my surprise it happened again at Seventh Street ” the race continued and two cars rounded the next corner side by side. The driver of the Audi lost his nerve, and the mini van won the duel at Eighth Street.

I’ve heard before that the S-curves are capable of handling four lanes of traffic, but this mid-morning rally race proved it. Imagine if the landscaped island at Seventh Street was removed, and the painted median/merge lane starting at Fifth Street, and the obsolete left turn lane at Seventh and Main were also removed and reworked. Wouldn’t it be nice to think that there’s a solution within our reach? Possibly taking advantage of the lighter traffic flows and do something creative and economical? Making it easier for the hardworking folks from the valley to get home quickly and ending the burden of commuter traffic through the West End? It’d be kinda like having our cake and eating it, too.

It also seems counterproductive to have a bus-only lane on the west side of the roundabout ” traffic should be able to flow in two lanes exiting town. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. It just seems like there’s an awful lot of wasted real estate in those areas, and one thing we don’t take kindly to in this town is wasted real estate. Remove the medians and repaint some lanes ” see what happens.

Can the Castle Creek Bridge handle any more traffic if one or both pedestrian walkways were removed?

I’d like to see the mayoral candidates address these points during the upcoming campaign.

Lo Semple


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