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See for yourself

Dear Editor:

This is in response to a letter by Joe Farrell of Snowmass on Aug. 28.

Have you been to Krabloonik lately, Joe Farrell? Have you walked up to the dogs and looked into their faces? Have you noticed that they are chained and eat, sleep, urinate and defecate all in the same tiny circle that they live in for most of their life?

When I went there in April I wanted to see for myself if the dogs had it as bad as people were saying. It was worse. One older dog whose face still haunts me, possibly had frostbite; his nose was raw, cracked and bleeding. One dog circled endlessly and the musher told me that that was how they got their exercise. This circling is called “kennel crazy” which is the result of spending too much time on a chain.

Although snow was still abundant, it was out of reach for most dogs as they wore their circle down to the bare, frozen ground with their circling, body heat, and bodily waste. There was a can that served as a water bowl but most were knocked over or the contents frozen. I walked up to as many dogs as I could reach. Most were frantic for attention but some cowered when I reached to pet them.

I urge everyone who cares about this issue to go to Krabloonik and see for yourself. If you are as sad as I was when I visited them, you have an opportunity to finally help the dogs. Contact Snowmass City Council and demand better treatment for the dogs. This issue has been a source of frustration for many animal lovers here in the valley and visitors alike; let’s not drop the ball this time.

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Robbi Lewkovich