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See for yourself

Dear Editor:

On Dec. 4, the host of the Conman radio show was spreading propaganda when he said that Muslims want to kill and convert Americans.

I have visited four Muslim countries/territories (Iran, Syria, Jordan and the West Bank), and no one ever tired to convert or kill me. Mr. Conniff has taken the agenda of a few radical Islamic fundamentalists and extrapolated it to Muslims in general. Only about 10 percent of the Palestinian population supports an Islamic state.

The foundation of al Qaeda is to resist those who invade and occupy Muslim land, kill and torture Muslims, take their land and have military bases on their land. We have done these things and supported Israel doing them. Al Qaeda began in the 1980s with Bin Laden’s resistance to Russia’s invasion of Afghanistan.

Per the Department of Navy’s website, “Bin Laden issued a declaration of jihad against the United States in 1996 that … condemned the U.S. military presence in Saudi Arabia … and voiced his opposition to U.S. support for Israel. The declaration also cited … examples of a growing war on Islam for which the United States should be punished.” Interviews with those entering Iraq to resist our occupation have revealed the motivating factors were torture of Iraqis and Guantanamo.

The best way to check out what I am saying is to visit Middle East countries for yourself. Interfaith Peace Builders’ trip to Israel and Palestine was excellent. In 2009, they have trips March 8-21, May 23-June 5, July 25-Aug. 7 and Oct. 24-Nov. 6. Other groups running trips to Middle Eastern countries are Sabeel, Global Exchange, Fellowship of Reconciliation (Iran), Christian Peacemaker Team, etc.

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Cathleen Krahe