See a toad? DOW wants full report |

See a toad? DOW wants full report

The Colorado Division of Wildlife is asking hikers and other travelers in the high country to report sightings of the endangered boreal toad.

Summer is the best season to spot the toads, which are generally only found above 8,000 feet of elevation. Division biologists want to be informed of populations of the amphibians to get a better idea of the toad’s chances for survival.

Hikers, campers and fishermen and others are encouraged to carry a camera and take pictures of toads they see and to report any sightings of toads above 8,000 feet to wildlife officials. Biologists can positively identify the animals from a photograph.

Reporting can be done by telephone, by sending a note, preferably with a snapshot, or by picking up a postcard from a regional Division of Wildlife office and sending it in. It’s important to note the location of the sighting.

A boreal toad can be identified by a light-colored stripe down its back, and by the elevation at which it is found. One species that can be confused with the boreal toad is the Woodhouse’s toad, a fairly common toad usually found at lower elevations.

Locally, boreal toad sightings have been verified at Aspen’s North Star Nature Preserve and near Conundrum hot springs.

From now through August is the best time to spot the animals, which are typically found in or near wetlands and beaver ponds.

To report boreal toad sightings, call Mark Jones at (970) 472-4361, or write the Colorado Division of Wildlife; attn. Mark Jones; 317 W. Prospect Rd.; Ft. Collins, CO 80526.

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