Secret meetings: Is anybody listening? |

Secret meetings: Is anybody listening?

Dear Editor:

Doesn’t anybody care that there are huge discrepancies in memory between the mayor, city manager, city clerk and county commissioners?

The mayor and city manager are the only people who seem to recall a secret meeting they had with county commissioners in 2007 concerning the purchase of the BMC West lumberyard.

This is frightening, even more so that nobody else is demanding a response. Mick and Steve insist that an executive session meeting took place between select county commissioners and themselves. Mick’s strongest supporter, Rachel Richards, does not remember the meeting; to which Mick responded that she had not been elected yet.

She was elected in 2006 and was in office at the time of the supposed meeting.

In fact, no one, including Kathryn Koch, Aspen city clerk, has any record of such a meeting.

There were two recalls for Mick when he served on the board of county commissioners. I voted against the recall both times. I thought the man had passion, was honest, intelligent and just a little inept in communicating.

In fact it was the opposite. He is very adept at communicating. He says whatever he wants, when he wants, regardless of the facts. He rules through intimidation and dissembling. And you know what is really worse? What has he done? He proposed a Lance Armstrong Day. Brilliant. He selected a new member of the community whose sportsmanship was called into question by sportswriters all over the country, and over Olympians and other world-renowned role models who were either born in Aspen or have lived here most of their lives.

He sent a proclamation to Washington, D.C., declaring Aspen a green community. He began a citizen group to study development issues but when he didn’t like the results, he chose to ignore the findings of the group and started a new group.

What happened to the S curves? He claimed that he was the expert on transportation issues and his relations with the state would enable him to finally resolve this problem.

That was four years ago.

The newspapers should run a column on Mick’s campaign promises and his delivery. It will list heavily to one side.

I am saddened by Steve’s support of Mick. Our city manager should endeavor to manage the city, not Mick’s misstatements. Is this because he hopes for a lifetime housing arrangement (like he gave to Phil Overeynder, public works director)? Whatever the reason, there needs to be oversight of the city’s management and not by Mick. City management has made irresponsible decisions.

There needs to be accountability with consequences. Newspapers and citizens, get off your ass and demand some accountability. The only thing worse than Mick’s behavior is Aspen’s lack of response.

Andy Modell


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