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Second thoughts

Dear Editor:I am writing in response to a current article that was published in the March 22 Aspen Times, which I wrote for our school newspaper, the Longhorn Stampede. I am writing to correct a few mistakes I made. I do not think that the story should not have been published due to the fact that it is damaging to our school and our principal. It only represents one side of the story because the other cannot reply due to legal complications. Mr. Waddick is the best principal Basalt High School has ever had and the only part in this article that I think is relevant is the last two paragraphs. I think that in order for our school to function cleanly there should be a good working relationship between all the staff.Another topic I would like to address is that my article is based on a Jan. 26 article published by The Aspen Times on this subject. I failed to give The Aspen Times the correct credit for much of the story that I wrote. I want to apologize to all that this harms and I hope our faculty can continue to operate with much of the previous efficiency that we are used to. Ryan JanckilaBasalt

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