Searching for transit solutions |

Searching for transit solutions

Dear Editor:Now is not the time to further enable the dysfunctional cycle of the gasoline economy. The daily pantomime of the up- and downvalley commuter delirium must end. Instead of trying to meddle with the affairs of Aspen’s entrance, the downvalley transplants and ourselves should try to grow our own economies and seriously think about creating a united front against the dysfunctional four-lane auto commute that is psychotically devouring resources everywhere and ruining the planet.Let us investigate new, functional, safe, pollution-free forms of commuting. Let us weigh the pros and cons of driving for personal wealth because it’s the norm. Is it worth it? People who ride the buses or use some form of public or private transport must be rewarded with tax breaks or bonus incentives. People who must commute in their cars should pay a daily fee at a gated entrance unless they are a necessary transport service.Do not perpetuate the dysfunction; look for a more intelligent, evolved way. Let common sense provide for our children’s tomorrow.William NobauerAspen

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