Search case remains open

Dear Editor:

The Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office wishes to thank the following people and organizations for their help in the search for William Worley of Carbondale in the East Creek area outside of Redstone: Mountain Rescue Aspen, Garfield County Search and Rescue and their dogs, DBS helicopter services, Colorado Army National Guard HAATS unit from Eagle, Randy Melton of the Redstone Stables, Shannon Young and Patty Burnett with their two air-scent dogs, family friends from the Carbondale Community School, and many other citizen volunteers who participated in the search.

Food and other assistance were also provided by the good citizens of Redstone, the Redstone Inn, the Crystal Club Cafe, Hightower Cafe, Mary Ann Wofford, the Jaynes family, the Roger Berry family, Sherry Rubin, Mitch Alcala, City Market in Carbondale, Carbondale Fire Department, Carbondale Police Department, Paul and Liz Mayer of Basalt Security and Heidi’s Deli.

Without the generosity and the resources provided by the community this extensive search could not have been accomplished. Although Mr. Worley has yet to be located, the case will remain open and any information which can lead to its conclusion is welcomed by our office.

Deputy Jesse Steindler

incident commander, Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office


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