Scrooge loses a customer |

Scrooge loses a customer

I had a very upsetting and disappointing experience Dec. 26 in an old local business that left me disheartened and depressed.

I moved to Aspen in the ’70s and have shopped locally for years, including at this business ? the Miner’s Building. I had purchased on the 19th an electronic item for my son’s Christmas present. On Christmas I found out he really wanted something different ? an I-Pod.

I thought, “No problem, I’ll just exchange or return it for the correct item.” WRONG!

On December 26 I went to the Miner’s Building and was told a manager had to help me. Then the manager said only the owner, Carl, could help me. That was when everything fell apart.

In a robotic, emotionless voice Carl informed me I was out of refund time (the next day after purchase) AND exchange time (five days after purchase ? this was the 6th). I explained to him that I knew not of these rules (I was never informed of these at the time of purchase) and that it was Christmastime.

He said, “Sorry, but you should have read the rules that are printed on the receipt.” There are none, by the way, Carl. I have both credit card and in-store receipts and all that is on one is “No returns without receipt.”

Incredulous at his coldness, I BEGGED for an in-store credit for the $271, to which he flatly replied, “I have rules that will not be broken.” When I stated that his policies would cost him a 24-year loyal shopper, he couldn’t have cared less!

His policies obviously are in place to maximize his profits. Why else would he not give me at least an in-store credit when I was only one day late and was never informed of his “rules” in the first place? At this time of year?

His stingy, cold attitude brought to mind a Dickens character. And I thought Ebeneezer Scrooge was fictitious.

It’s events like these that sway customers to abandon local businesses and shop at national chains. I will NEVER set foot in the Miner’s Building, nor Carl’s Pharmacy, again.

But to all those local business owners who appreciate my loyalty, like Karen at the Baggage Claim, Barb at Sundance Drug and Liquors, Rick at Walnut House films, Rocky at Gene Taylor’s, Jack at the Butcher’s Block, Carrie at Les Chefs D’Aspen, and the Flacks at Local Color, to name just a few, you’ll be seeing more of me. And to Carl ? Bah Humbug!

Carol Jenkins

Woody Creek

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