Scrape and replace, or no? |

Scrape and replace, or no?

Dear Editor:Thank you for sponsoring and facilitating the recent Squirm Night. It gives us a much needed chance to hear first hand the views of our candidates. I hope that you will facilitate more such sessions before the election, so that the follow up questions can be asked.I attended the sessions and listened carefully to the replay on Grassroots.On the important, much discussed subject of lotteries or other restrictions on single family homes and duplexes (in his response to Mr. Blumberg’s clear question of city council candidates of whether they would support restrictions/lottery on an owners’ ability to scrape and replace their single family or duplex homes) candidate Skadron’s answer was unclear to me. Skadron said that he felt that “it was necessary for the council to consider this in moratorium issues” and that “long time locals upon which this community was built, should be allowed to benefit” from the sale of their asset. And that certain types of residential properties, (such as Mr. Blumberg’s home) “should not be downzoned.” I call on Skadron to clarify his position this issue that affects so many citizens.Are “long time locals” to be considered a special class in considering restrictions on single family/duplex development activities?Will ALL property owners, whether “longtime locals,” newcomers or developers be treated equally AND allowed to pursue redevelopment of their properties under the current system?Skadron believes that it was “necessary for the council to consider this,” which seems to be at odds with the way most property owners feel and counter to the mayoral candidates who were reported as all agreeing that the discussion was inappropriate. Why does he feel that it was appropriate that this subject be taken up quite seriously by the council? Will he agree that he will not support restrictions/moratorium/lottery or anything similar for owners’ ability to redevelop their single family/duplex properties?In suggesting that certain properties should not be “downzoned,” are there residential properties which Skadron thinks should be downzoned?Are there types of properties which Mr. Ireland believes should be “downzoned”?If Mr. Ireland or Mr. Skadron feel that any types of new restrictions be placed on such properties, I hope that they will make that clear immediately in the interest of full disclosure of their positions.In the previous council deliberations on this subject there was some conversation about limiting owners’ profits on the sale of their homes (DeVilbiss – to what he considered “reasonable amounts”) and some discussion of exceptions for “longtime owners.” If such discriminatory measures are under their consideration, the voters should know that now.Marilyn MarksAspen

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