Scrap the HOV crap |

Scrap the HOV crap

Dear Editor:

I have a confession to make: Driving Highway 82 to work in the morning and home in the evening is dangerous! There! I’ve said it! My name is Gene. I am a construction worker, and I freely admit it. I have a problem with the HOV lane. It is beginning to rule my life, and I am seeking your help to overcome my predilection with it. I try to regress to my formative years in an attempt to kick this obsession, but the only mantra I can summon is: KEEP RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS.

Obviously my disability to adjust to the vicissitudes of shifting reality is obfuscating the real issues of my dependency on prior experience. Eschew that!

OK, we’re going to enforce the HOV lane laws and we’re going to do it during rush hour from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. downvalley on a Friday evening. Well, now, that’s a huge help. Let’s pull people over at the busiest time of the day while traffic is running fairly smoothly and really snarl things up. Gosh, what politician thought that one up? For that matter, what politician thought up the HOV idea in the first place? It totally goes against the safe driving grain we were indoctrinated with three centuries ago when we were young and educable.

There are idiots out there who don’t even know how to drive in a normal situation, much less one where all the rules are reversed. I know. I deal with them every day. There’s the brown SUV with three people in the left (non-HOV lane) keeping pace side-by-side at 49 mph with a big rig carrying one person in the right (HOV lane) with up to 40 cars stacked up behind them. There’s the little red car with a NASCAR attitude, the beige Subaru that can’t seem to find cruise control and the carpool van that can’t decide which lane is the correct one.

Granted, not all these problems are caused by the HOV lane but all of them, and more, are exacerbated by it to the point where a dangerous drive becomes a perilous one.

There is one road that carries all the traffic up- and downvalley. Most of the construction people I know (and I know quite a few) travel that road a lot. It’s the only reasonable route from here to there. To claim that improving it to a four-lane would bring more traffic is ludicrous. There is already more traffic than it was designed for. There was when I moved here 20 years ago. Unfortunately, I don’t get to vote on the matter, since I’m only a Pitkin County resident. I’m not sure why that is, since it is a state highway, but if I could, I would vote to open up four lanes all the way into town and scrap the HOV crap.

Gene Kopecky


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