Scoot into Aspen |

Scoot into Aspen

Dear Editor:

Akasha and I love our Vespas in the summer. We use them to get into town all the time (from May to October). But we live close enough to use day and night. Why not let everyone up and down the valley have this same wonderful option?

Here is the idea (needs lots of work … this is just the start):

Let’s use the Buttermilk parking lot as the “intercept lot” for scooters/bikes in the summer. Folks from up and down the valley could leave their scooters/bikes there all summer (with a place to recharge if electric), take the bus or drop off their car, get on their bikes (of any type) and head to town.

Let’s maybe allow them to use the bus lane (if it’s motorized) for a deserved faster experience (I said there were details to work out). We might even have a fleet of scooters (some electric), and bikes at the Buttermilk parking lot, for folks to rent/use for the summer (more details), when making trips into and out of town. As you might know European cities are offering the use of bikes in a similar manner.

I know the “bigger footprint” idea is to get us on the bus. But just maybe this “smaller footprint” idea has enough merit (fewer cars trying to get into and out of town four to six months per year) to be worth considering.

Scooter-time … and the living is easy.

Akasha and Charles Kennedy